Playhaus Style Mood board

Playhaus Style Mood board

Our lives have never been busier, constant demands on us in many areas of our lives sometimes leaves us no time to enjoy family time let alone create amazing spaces within our home. That is one of the reasons I wanted to come up with a easy to use mood board. Each week I will create a design, incorporating colour schemes, textures, patterns, wallpaper, lighting and the finishing touches. This is one I just happened to make earlier......

Blue isn't just for boys! It's a versatile colour which can create depth or vibrancy in your child's bedroom or nursery. In this scheme I wanted to incorporate touches of deep velvety blue and combine with soft pink and peach tones with little touches of grey.

I chose our Mrs Mighetto 'Flying Boats' wallpaper to build the rest of the scheme around. It is always a good idea to begin with 1 favourite piece that you want to incorporate into the room and work from there, that way you have a starting point to work from. Flying Boats has a beautiful bluey/grey tone so the pinks and peaches I chose to combine in the scheme worked perfectly. As with any Mrs Mighetto design, the wallpaper has a softness to the artwork so the rest of the palette is muted in colour. 

Our Snowpuppe Moth Lamp in delicate pink creates texture within the room by its Origami design. It's also a brilliant lighting option for a child's bedroom as it omits a soft and subtle light. 

The bed is from Kalon Studios and I loved the touch of blue included in the design. Teamed with some Kip & Co Cushions, Koala & Shag Wool Pink Lines which added an element of fun to the room. 

Finally, I like to include an element of greenery in a room. I personally think it instantly livens up the space especially if the colour palette is muted or has a lot of earthy tones. You could try using our Lorena Canals storage basket as a welcome change to a standard plant pot!

If you would like a bespoke design created, please get in touch to discuss 

Additional items featured in this design:

Rose in April Raindrop Wall Hooks


Rattan Children's Petal Chair - The Rattan Company

Paint  - Anders, Eddie, Florence