Modern Children's Interior Styling

Modern Children's Interior Styling

I wanted to showcase some of our amazing products and thought what better way to bring together our interiors range than with a photoshoot.

Creating a mood board for your interiors project doesn't have to be too complicated or time consuming but it's a really useful tool to get all your ideas down on a piece of paper to see how they look and if all the elements work together. That said, it isn't a masterpiece set in stone, so once you get to the end of decorating & styling your room with the finishing touches if something doesn't look quite right, change it up, rearrange, step back and see what works & what doesn't. 

Sometimes the finishing touches in a room are the best bit to do. As this is a children's bedroom I wanted to accesorise the room with some fun yet stylish elements like our Rose in April Joseph the Bunny Light & our Lorena Canals Vintage Nude Tie-Dye Wall Hanging. I also wanted to add a pop of colour to the bedding with our Kip & Co Blush Pink Tassel Throw to really lift the colour scheme.

I 100% guarantee my husband will say "why are there so many cushions" & my answer will be "why not"? In my opinion you can never have too many cushions! Cushions can be used to tie a new colour scheme together or to add a splash or pop of colour to an existing room. Here I used our Kip & Co Velvet Pea Cushions in Smokey Pink , Burnished Gold & Peach Skin . The velvet adds another texture to the room which is so important when designing. Remember, layering & texture are key! 

I hope you loved our update on what we have been up to at Playhaus Interiors & if there is anything that has been missed on the blog post that you would love to know about then please get in touch 

Many thanks

Hannah x